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It’s a Kind of a Funny Thing ~that happened on the road to…
(Addiction to Transplant to Recovery) What happens when a Wimpy Caregiver meets a Broken-Down-Blues-Drummer? ~Funny things happen — and all hell breaks loose — on the way… to his liver transplant! It all started when Paul’s world collided with Nancy’s. She was a happily married, stay-at-home-gardener, who spent most days walking on the beach with her husband, spending time with her family, and cultivating rare Plumeria-plant hybrids.

Little did she know that she would end up taking care of this brash Bronx blues-drummer — who was constantly knocking at death’s door.

Nancy’s happy routine would be turned upside-down, after unwittingly taking a “temporary” job as an unpaid caregiver to “Everybody’s Favorite-Bottom-Feeder-Blues-Drummer.”

With daily delivery of his near-death-dramas — Nancy’s life would never be the same again…