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LateAutumnTrees 160x240

After suffering the loss of someone dear, Jaden sinks darkly within himself. Sadness and guilt tempt him towards despair and “other things,” with pain transforming to violence in his thoughts.

During the daytime, Jaden yearns for reprieve, a return to the days of innocence, but he’s left wanting. In sleep, dreams confront him with who he is, as deeper fears are laid before him.

With dwindling hope, Jaden comes to despise the lack of care found in those around him, because he knows the judgment is there for them all. None seems willing to see. A sword is at his neck, haunting him, but what can he give to satisfy it, what will he do in the end?






With the help of a hair dresser and a dead man, Fr. Oliver steps into a world of evil, unlike anything he has ever seen before. What he discovers, threatens the very existence of the Catholic church and the souls of thousands of unborn children. Fr. Oliver wants to serve God, but he keeps getting kicked out of churches where he is assigned to serve. If he speaks of what he sees, people will die. He can’t tell the pastor or the bishop, but things are about to get worse.