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How Well Do You Know Your Parents?

While going through their mom’s belongings following her death, Rita and Sandifer Ferguson discover an envelope buried inside her chest of drawers.  Frail-looking, the envelope had an embossed seal across the back.  Folded inside was a divorce certificate.  Listed on the certificate was a name they didn’t recognize and one they certainly did – mom’s.
As they sat in the small bedroom, the one their parents had shared for over thirty years, they were speechless.  Finally, Rita spoke up.  “Did you know?”
The question hung in the air.  Neither Rita or Sandifer had known about their mom’s first marriage.  For some reason, she had kept this fading envelope with a certificate of divorce tucked away in her bedroom.
Why?  And who was this fellow she had married and divorced in less than a year?
Lesser Angels tells the story of two siblings – a brother and a sister – who took divergent paths as adults and find themselves in a common pursuit of their family’s history: to find the man on the divorce certificate.
It’s a Kind of a Funny Thing ~that happened on the road to…
(Addiction to Transplant to Recovery)What happens when a Wimpy Caregiver meets a Broken-Down-Blues-Drummer? ~Funny things happen — and all hell breaks loose — on the way… to his liver transplant!It all started when Paul’s world collided with Nancy’s. She was a happily married, stay-at-home-gardener, who spent most days walking on the beach with her husband, spending time with her family, and cultivating rare Plumeria-plant hybrids.Little did she know that she would end up taking care of this brash Bronx blues-drummer — who was constantly knocking at death’s door.Nancy’s happy routine would be turned upside-down, after unwittingly taking a “temporary” job as an unpaid caregiver to “Everybody’s Favorite-Bottom-Feeder-Blues-Drummer.”With daily delivery of his near-death-dramas — Nancy’s life would never be the same again.

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With the help of a hair dresser and a dead man, Fr. Oliver steps into a world of evil, unlike anything he has ever seen. What he discovers, threatens the very existence of the Catholic church and the souls of thousands of unborn children. Fr. Oliver wants to serve God, but he keeps getting kicked out of churches where he is assigned to serve. If he speaks of what he sees, people will die. He can’t tell the pastor or the bishop, but things are about to get worse.