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Hundreds of donuts…whizzing by. Every kind she could imagine. And Elizabeth had to have one. But when she has MORE than one, strange and hilarious things happen.

Ben Woodard

e   x   c   e   r  p   t


Elizabeth’s nose twitched. Mmmm…that smell. Every day it floated through the house and filled the rooms. Her mouth watered.


She had to have an ooey-gooey one—NOW.

She found Dad.

“No donuts today,” he said. “If you ate all you wanted, you’d turn INTO a donut.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and wandered outside to sit on the back steps.

Pouting, she stared at the donut shop next door.


The side door was open. Open?

That door was never open!

Elizabeth followed her nose to the shop, and peeked inside.


Hundreds of donuts were whizzing by. Every kind she could imagine.


She sneaked in.

I’ll try just one, she thought.

She picked out a chocolate covered one—her favorite—and ate it.

One wasn’t enough. She licked her lips, grabbed two glazed ones and ate them.

A strawberry one scooted by and she ate it.

A jelly one rushed by and she ate it.

A caramel one zipped by AND SHE ATE IT.


Elizabeth moaned,

held her stomach,

and slowly slid down the wall.


She sat on the floor, unable to move.

Her stomach got bigger and bigger and bigger.

Her arms and legs got shorter

and shorter and shorter.

And before you could say … coconut sprinkles


Elizabeth became a giant chocolate donut!


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