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I have really enjoyed reading this book – as a person wanting to launch a small online business reading about what made others great in business and trying to understand what needs to be done in order to generate demand for the service I am offering. A simple, easy to read and understand guide that focuses on the key details that influence revenue and what kind of actions need to be taken to enhance that. I have always liked logical examples and advice – and this book provides exactly that.” – Agatha Miller, Start-Up Founder and Entrepreneur

“This is a great guide for anyone who is really interested in improving their sales. The book is written more like a story then a guide but as you read you’ll find everything you need to really grow your sales if you put the tips in the book into practice. The methods it gives are simple, straight forward, yet very effective.” – Monica G, Small Business Owner

“This is a really great book with some interesting concepts that can help you improve your business sales immensely. I’ve never seen advice presented in this kind of format before, and I thought it was a really good way to promote easy absorption of information.” – Becca Hugh, Start-Up Founder and Entrepreneur

Starting a company is hard and growing one is even harder. How To Double Your Sales In Just 7 Days contains the exact steps that allowed one company to come back from the brink of bankruptcy to more than tripling their profits in under a month. Written in a story like manner that is easy to follow, emotionally moving and ultimately a businesses best tool for improving their sales.

This is a no fluff approach to the matter that doesn’t require cold-calling or coding. It’s a simple strategy that when followed will produce massive results. This strategy is the exact same that allowed Starbucks and McDonalds to become the household brands they are today. This book is definitely worth the read.