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What does an unassuming guy do when his home is attacked, destroyed in a massive fireball, and his wife kidnapped?
What does that guy do when the FBI shows up and hauls him off to a secret briefing that changes his entire life and sends him half way around the world to a war zone?
What does that same guy do when he’s tied up, beaten, shot at and chased all over New York by people he doesn’t even know, for reasons he can’t even understand?
If he’s Chris Johnson, he fights back – any way he can, with any help he can get.
This is the story of one man and his painful fight to find the elusive truth, and find his elusive wife, without getting killed in the process.
And, if necessary, kill anyone who gets in his way.
But the truth is a harsh mistress.

e   x   c   e   r  p   t

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