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From the very start of her faith autobiography, ‘She Does Not Fear the Snow’, author Bobbie Ann Cole reaches out across the page and endears herself to her reader. You will very quickly feel that you know her, and will be richer for the knowledge.
She comes to Israel, seeking meaning and purpose for her life, following breast cancer and the demise of her long-standing marriage. There, God claims her and lays a trail of miracles that lead her from her native England to a new husband of faith in Atlantic Canada.
Though she is upfront about her ending, you’ll find yourself longing to learn the next step in her discovery of new love and deeper faith journey. This is one of those books you just can’t put down. Potentially, you’ll be following the twists and turns of her journey into the wee small hours.
‘A mysterious rug with a life-changing message, a Ruth-type love story, fascinating interactions with other believers, poetic descriptions of landscapes many native Canadians take for granted—and a message of God’s love and salvation,’ writes critic Margaret Welwood. ‘Bobbie Ann Cole’s story is a little too strange and untidy to be fiction. As a true story, it will leave you satisfied, yet wanting to know more.’
‘Often times, life will take us to the end of our rope, leaving us helpless and at our wit’s end. Yet, even in such dire situations, our God is not helpless. He will bring in plentiful harvest – a harvest of renewal, hope, joy and happiness in our life,’ says Khamneithang Vaiphei. ‘She Does Not Fear the Snow is an incredible testimony that will have a profound impact on you.’
If mystery, romance, women’s faith issues, the Jewish roots of Christianity, Christian living or outreach appeal to you, you will find much to enjoy.
Book Rating: PG-13

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