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Before his death, St. John the Apostle spoke a prophecy, sometimes referred to as “The Second Revelation of John.” The prophecy was hidden from the world to protect it from those that sought to destroy it or cast shadows over it forever. The prophecy gives account of a child who would be chosen to stand for all mankind. It foretells the coming of a great evil from beyond Earth’s solar system. It speaks of a soulless army that will attempt to prevent the birth of the Chosen One. If that fails, then the enemy’s mission will be to find the Chosen One and prevent her from standing on behalf of all mankind at “The Battle Between Light and Dark.” 

A brutal contract hit on FBI Special Agent Johnathan Sette’s family leaves his life turned upside down and his newborn child missing. In order to ensure the safety of his children, he will enlist the help of the Seven Dragons family to teach them an ancient form of martial arts. Johnathan, his family, and faithful friends will hold on to their strong Christian faith as they search the world for his missing daughter, Elizabeth. 

The E7 Prophecy, Christian sci-fi series, spans a 15 year period that is explored during the 3 books of the series, The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth. Book 1 and 2 are subtitled “The Battle Between Light and Dark,” the 3rd book in the series is subtitled “Enoch.” Book Rated: G

e   x   c   e   r  p   t


Chapter 1

Location: Badlands National Park, SD Time: May 9, 2014, One Year after the Battle between Light and Dark (Age 15)   “And she went forth to save the world in the name of Jesus Christ.” The stone stood silently. It was cool to the touch and smooth like silk. The light from the evening sun was shining down from heaven as if God was smiling down on the now green valley. It was quiet here. There was only the sound of the wind blowing against the giant oak tree that provided shade for the large stone during the day…keeping it cool to the touch. The stone was about five feet tall and four feet wide. It had one flat side, which had been polished to perfection. Its face was prepared by the world’s foremost engraver of stone. He did not engrave it for a fee, as the stone was not for sale. He did not do it for fame or for recognition, for the stone would not be displayed in any gallery of art. The stone was a memorial, a thank-you, an expression of love from many nations hoping to express their gratitude as one world. Standing in front of it and looking out into the vast, green valley, a person might not realize that just one year earlier, every leader from every country on the planet had stood right there. Right there in front of this stone. Lifelong enemies set aside their hatred for each other just to stand in front of this stone together on that day. Some were rich and some poor. Some were strong and others weak, but on that day, status meant nothing. Many wept as they paid their respects to the one who gave her life for the sake of all mankind. The surrounding fields were littered with thousands of citizens of Earth, creating a sea of colors as far as the eye could see. As the president of the United States of America spoke on that day, he read the words engraved in stone as if they were his own, “And she went forth to save the world…” The president paused as the world stood silent and listened to his echoing voice. “In the name of Jesus Christ…” He paused again as the rolling hills came alive with a mighty roar of boundless cheers. And then, with a loud and steady voice, he proclaimed, “Our Lord and Savior!”

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