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The Trust – A secret organization comprised of thousands of independent field units fighting an eternal war against demonic forces that prey on the innocent.

One such unit is led by Alexandra Glinyeu, a Voodoo Priestess. Her top operatives are former vigilantes, Forrest King and Catherine Jordan – two people who have discovered that the demons they fight could be anyone – friend, lover or family.

This collection of their exploits include Catherine facing the prospect of potential lifelong happiness with a new love when she helps the head of a Trust library whose former girlfriend has returned as a blood sucking Nelapsi, an unidentified flesh-eating creature stalking an isolated community living on a small island, an American television star under sentence of death and an ancient evil returning from beyond the grave.

Book Rated: R

e   x   c   e   r  p   t


Closing the door to her office, Daphne McBride glanced at her watch and began heading for the exit from the building, passing the rows of bookshelves that made up the library.

Looking up as the dark skinned woman walked past the desk where she was still working, Sarah Abrams gave her a quick smile.  “Sure you don’t want to finish these reports yourself and let me go home early?”

Daphne turned back towards her blonde assistant, “Lucy’s picking me up.”  She took a step back towards the desk, “And I know you don’t want to spoil her first weekend off in two months.”

Flashing an amused smile, Sarah closed the folder she was working on.  “Have fun.”

Reaching the door, Daphne twisted her head round, a wide grin on her face.  “We always do.”

Stepping through the library door, she went up the steps ahead of her and started along the passage until she reached a closed door.  Opening it, she emerged into a games arcade.

She stopped by the cashier booth close to the exit, glancing at the red headed woman inside.  “Night, Maggie.”

“Goodnight, Miss McBride.”

Waiting for the woman’s answer, Daphne stepped out through the opening and took in the night air.

Following the path to one of the exits from the amusement park, she approached the attractive, auburn haired woman standing by the white Vauxhall Astra in the car park.  “Hi.”

Lucy Hartman leaned forward and kissed Daphne, lingering on her lips for several moments before pulling back.  “Ready?”

Walking to the other side of the car, Daphne slid into the passenger seat, smiling as Lucy settled behind the wheel.

Parking the van in the alley behind the nightclub, the man with the shaved head climbed out and approached the rear of the vehicle.

Opening the doors, Adam Jackson nodded to the two men inside squatting on either side of a long crate.

Watching them emerge, Jackson stepped back to give them enough space to pull out the crate.  Pushing open the gate leading into the walled up yard behind the club, he hurried to the rear entrance and unlocked it.

Moving aside as the two men carried the heavy crate inside, Jackson followed them into a store room at the back of the club and approached the door leading down into the cellar.  “This way.”

Reaching the concrete floor of the cellar, Jackson glanced at the sixteen year old redhead chained to the far wall.  Taking a few steps towards her, he watched her press herself against the brick wall, afraid of what he was going to do.

Waiting until the two men placed the crate on the floor, he lifted the lid.  He stood there for a moment, looking down at the woman with long golden blond hair lying motionless inside.

Turning to return upstairs to the store room, he began heading towards the concrete steps.


He turned to see the woman climbing out of the crate.  “Mistress?”

Emma Chansell glanced at the teenager chained to the wall.  The fear on Alanna Taylor’s face made her smile.  Pausing for a moment, she looked back towards Jackson, anger appearing on her face.  “You’ve enjoyed her.”

The statement made Jackson shake his head, “It wasn’t me.  One of the new lads must have, they’re the ones who were watching her.”

“Find out who violated her, bring him to me.”  The smile returned to Emma’s lips, “He can have her again.”  She took a few steps back to the crate.  “I just want to watch.  Now go, leave us.”

Glancing back at the chained teenager as Jackson returned upstairs, Emma walked back to her and caressed the terrified girl’s face.

She brushed a single finger across the soft skin, wiping away one of the tears streaming down Alanna’s cheek.

“Please, no more.”  The girl’s voice was little more than a squeak.

Emma remained silent, her lips parting with lustful anticipation.

The teenager screamed when she saw the dozens of needle like teeth within Emma’s mouth.

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