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Sex: What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You encourages parents to end the legacy of silence that leaves so many young people to learn about sex from all the wrong sources.

Author Michael Rittenhouse takes his cue from Theology of the Body, showing that just as all human creatures have an appetite for food, we also have an appetite for sex. And just as our culture is awash in junk food, we’re facing a glut of sexual misinformation distracting us from true fulfillment.

Drawing on truthful teachings from both the secular and Judeo-Christian viewpoints, Sex details a healthy sexuality in terms anyone can grasp. Chapters feature:

  • the critical value of masculinity and femininity, two equal opposites that, put together, make couples whole
  • a summary of natural law, the metaphysics that guides regardless of faith
  • the special problem of Internet porn, which is being quietly overcome in little-noted corners of the Web
  • the latest in scientific findings, which affirm that humans were made to enjoy intimacy and sex, and to mate for life
  • accurate language and reasoning to help you explain what’s good and right about the gift of sexualityTwo qualities differentiate Sex from books already on the shelves. One is its reliance on secular teachings to support truths revealed in Scripture, reaching out to the unchurched as well as the faithful. The other is the author’s storytelling approach, leading each chapter with his own experiences wandering the desert of a confused culture. His concrete, poignant, and often funny recollections illustrate, in vivid terms, widely held but wrongheaded ideas about sexuality, and their life-changing consequences.